Inspired by the weird, brash music, the imaginative costumes and deliberately misshapen instruments, in 1989 a small group of amateur musicans was formed in Donzdorf. Their aim? To enrich the carneval in their village, the metropolis of the Lautertal, with an Band playing its own brand of the traditional out-of-tune music known as Noda-Biagr.

It comes as no surprise that the idea of forming a band was enthusiastically welcomed in Donzdorf, with its strong tradition of carnival foolery.

Donzdorf Branch call themselves the Noda-Biag'r or notebenders, a reference to this somewhat original style of music, which takes some getting used to. The music itself is shrill, wild and a little off-key, but loud and dynamic. It reflects the off-beat celebrations which are usually going on around and alongside it - hence the off-beat, off-key sound. Noda-Biag'r take this originality a step further. A few traind musicans set the tone and ensure that the melody is not lost, but the rest are amateurs who stillmake up two-thirds of the group. As ar as pitching goes, they are dyslexis but, despite this haphazard feature, the theme tune is always recognisble.

In line with the specific philosophy of Noda-Biag'r, to which the band has always subscribed, Noda-Biag'r offers purely amateur musicans the change to hit the wrong notes with cheerful abandon.

A striking and special feature of Noda-Biag'r are the costumes known as "Häs", made by each member to the group's own pattern ervery two years, and stitched together and renewed with immens effort. Donzdorf's off-key philharmonic is already on its eight Häs outfit for the start af the 2012 Fasnet season.

Since the band's formation, its costumes have been based on the following themes:


     - Top hats and tails

          - Wizards and witches

          - Tales from the Arabian Nights

          - Rainbow

          - Birds of Paradise

          - Asian Warriors

          - Inkas

          - Venezia


This year there's a new Häs to look forward to. You never know what the Noda-Biag'r designers are going to come up with. The faces of the wearers of this unique levery are imaginatively make up, in harmony with the picturesque, original costumes of each individual Musican.

Another speciality of Noda-Biag'r are their weird instruments, some made by the players themselves, and all of them playable. The band has played its way on these repeated prizes at international events in past years.

Costume, instruments and a constantly updated and expandet musical repertoire have made the Noda-Biag'r key attraction at many events both near and far. The Rose Monday carnival parade in Mainz and processions in Winterthur (Switzerland) and Stuttgart are just some of their engagements, though their main carnival venue is of course Donzdorf. They play at the annual antional and international festivals in Schwäisch Gmünd and at a wide variety of magnifent celebrations at regional level and higher. All these attributes, and the original Noda-Biag'r sound, have always made this 35-members band a certain hit.

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